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Asbestos Alternatives

Replacing Asbestos For Good

Asbestos has been used as insulation for homes, buildings, pipes of the buildings and more, exposing people to such a harmful material. According to studies, it is hazardous if disturbed in any form, causing the particles to flake off, ultimately giving quite a few innocent people such a rare form of cancer. Sure asbestos has useful characteristics such as heat resistance and durability, but is it worth it if misuse of such an unstable material is ruining so many people’s lives? Some people say that the reason asbestos is so dangerous is because it is often used together with high-temperature equipment and machinery.  It usually happens in the construction of buildings and offices, yet those who work in buildings and offices where asbestos is present are entirely unaware that their life is in danger just because of one company’s negligence.

As long as this toxic material isn’t disturbed, causing it to be released into the air, then there isn’t an issue. However, all too often something goes wrong, and people are inhaling the toxins as a result. Possibly the asbestos should have a better protective casing or be handled more carefully instead of the standard procedure for installing this material. Something needs to be done to serve justice to the people who have been so unfortunate to have become a victim of mesothelioma


One option that can replace asbestos is polyurethane foam. It’s been around since the late 60’s and is just as effective as asbestos is when used for insulation. Its properties make it ideal for absorbing and dealing with moisture resulting from changes in temperature in ventilation systems of buildings. This spray is not toxic or harmful, and can also be used for flotation devices.

Thermoset plastic is another viable source of replacement for asbestos. It’s made from a powder combined with heat and a liquid to take the form of moldable plastic. Some examples of this material include epoxies, silicones, and polyesters. It’s used in electrical insulation and auto parts all around the country.

Inspections Are Key

While these replacements do get the job done, it’s safe to say the best way to prevent this from happening again is to get a hired professional to come out and inspect the area for any asbestos leaks in the air. If a company is consistent with this method, then you can be sure this deadly cancer won’t affect you. There should be many more asbestos professionals used in our society to inspect buildings all around the country, helping to prevent future instances from ruining the lives of innocent people. Here at Karst & von Oiste, we are passionate about keeping people safe and making sure the people held accountable get what they deserve. Our asbestos lawyers and asbestos attorneys will save many more people from this terrible rare form of lung cancer and will strive to become one of the top mesothelioma attorneys in the country.