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Mesothelioma Lawsuit

Mesothelioma Lawsuit: Is It Worth It?

Whether or not you feel as though you should be compensated for the damages you are suffering from or not, it’s our job at Karst & von Oiste to make sure you receive what you deserve. More often than not, unless you work around asbestos daily, you don’t have to worry about getting mesothelioma. So if you are one of those people who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and are not sure where you would have even been exposed to asbestos, there’s a chance it’s not an unfortunate coincidence and that you should receive compensation.  

Asbestos is often found in popcorn ceilings, brakes of cars, ships, and other construction materials. If you’ve been working around these things your whole life, then it’s probably not worth going to a lawsuit after being diagnosed. However, if you aren’t, if you don’t know anyone close to you at all who works around these kinds of environments, and your home is completely safe and sanitary from asbestos particles, yet you still are diagnosed, then you might have a real chance at winning a lawsuit. It’s not right that you are suffering from a rare form of cancer, and it’s not even your fault for exposing yourself to the dangers of asbestos particles.

Not to mention the emotional toll of even having life-threatening cancer can take on your body, and your mind. When someone finds out he or she has cancer, they usually just automatically assume they are going to die since so many people die from cancer already. It kills your motivation to do anything and destroys your health even more since you become depressed and distraught by the terrible news. It can tear you apart. You have to ask yourself, do I deserve to feel this way? Do I deserve an explanation from someone as to why I’m suffering from something that isn’t my fault?

Winning A Lawsuit

One woman, who recently was diagnosed with mesothelioma, ended up winning 25 million dollars after it was revealed that the baby powder she used for years contained some form of asbestos in its powder. It turns out because she is an avid bowler, she’s used the baby powder thousands of times, and that is the sole reason she ended up developing cancer. She even used the baby powder on her kids, which means that they also have a possibility of having mesothelioma. The company says that they don’t believe this lawsuit should have gone the way it did. They are sticking with denial and saying that their experts have tested their products numerous times and proven that there are no asbestos-related materials in their baby powder. Either way, the woman thought that she deserves reasonable compensation from someone as to how this happened to her when she isn’t around asbestos at all.

You need a top mesothelioma law firm such as Karst & von Oiste. We will give you all the evidence you need to be comfortable in court taking on the company that is responsible for the rare form of cancer that is ruining your life.