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Alone, either cigarette smoking or asbestos exposure can cause lung cancer. In combination, asbestos exposure and smoking have a synergistic effect, meaning asbestos and smoking together cause lung cancer at a rate that could produce independently. For example: A heavy smoker, defined as 20-pack years (smoking one pack a day for 20 years), has a 10-fold increased risk of developing lung cancer over a non-smoker. A non-smoking asbestos-exposed worker has a five-fold increased risk of developing lung cancer over a non-smoker not exposed to asbestos. However, a person with a 20-pack history and industrial asbestos exposure has a 50- to 90-fold increased risk of developing lung cancer over a non-smoking, non-asbestos-exposed person.

Asbestos Exposure, Smoking and Lung Cancer

Asbestos exposure has been determined to be a substantial contributing factor in the development of lung cancer for those who smoked. Therefore, if you were exposed to asbestos and developed lung cancer, you may be entitled to asbestos compensation, even if you smoked. Our expert asbestos attorneys have over 80 years of combined experience of representing thousands of asbestos-related mesothelioma and lung cancer claimants in all 50 states and around the world. Even if you have been or are a current smoker, and even if you have been turned down before, you could be eligible for representation and compensation.

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